DogHouse Electronics RoverTV

Sit boy sit. The editors at Cnet managed to get Rover to sit down for a thorough examination. All in all, Rover seemed pretty healthy, however, he did get a few shots. Rover comes with a 4.1 or 3.6" screen size and a 2GC SD card for storage. Support for all the major formats are here (mp3. WMA, AVI, DivX etc), but it does not have support for DRM wrapped files. At the heart of rover is a flash based navigation system that looks pretty good.

From the article: 

The top menu for the RoverTV is very Archos-like, with functional icons
laid out on a desktop backdrop. The choices are simple enough, denoting
the device's various features: video, music, photo, eBook, record,
files, resume, radio, and setup. Navigating through the choices is
handled via the Up and Down buttons, while the Play key takes care of
making selections. Files are folder-tree style (this is a UMS device),
so you won't find music searchable by artist, album, genre, and so on.
Our test unit didn't come with many instructions, but with a little
trial and error, we figured things out fairly quickly. (Important: The
Menu button is contextual and serves to pull up many of the features
and settings.) The interface on the whole is plain–easy to get the
hang of with a little practice but clunky and not particularly