Automate Your Shades with Lutron QED

While reading about Nobu's new inwall touchscreen, I noticed mavromatic also had a nice post about installing automatic blinds. After reading through the process, the DIY rating on this type of project is pretty high. The meat of the project is running the wires for power and control, the other half is convincing your wife you need it.

From the article:

I ordered 2 motorized QED shades, 1 manual shade (for office), 2 IR receivers,
IR remote, 2 power supplies (for motor and keypad), 6 button keypad and white
metal fascia (to cover rollers and motor unit) one shade is a standard Lutron
QED motorized shade (Roller 100) 67w x 75h. The other is a Sivoia QED in line
Coupled shade 105w x 75h (each shade being 33 1/2w x 75h). What’s special about
this shade is only one motor is required to power all three shade. They are
connected in a pin locking system and move in unison. The keypad is a 6 button
layout in a Satin Black finish with OPEN CLOSE PRESET labeled buttons for each
shade. This allows me to operate both shades individually or set different