Tim Burton hits on HD DVD

Ommpla Loompas in HD! Better yet, Oompa Loompa songs in HD and surround sound. What a glorius age we live in :). Warner Studios has confirmed that a few of Tim Burton's hits will be making its way to the small screen on Oct. 18, 2006. Hits like Corpse Bride, Polar Express and of course Charlie And The Charlie Factory will be released. I guess the Warner Engineers have yet to perfect their multi-format disc yet.

From the article: 

Warner has confirmed an October 18 release date for Charlie and the chocolate factory on HD DVD. The Tim Burton movie will feature a raft of advanced interactivity, including a PIP video commentary, assorted pop-ups and selectable Oompa Loompa interjections.
It will be joined by Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride and The Polar Express.
On the same day, the studio will also release Syriana and 16 Blocks on Blu-ray.