Where to go online to see your favorite shows

Well, let's just say don't go canceling your cable subscription or tossing out your DVR just yet. Ellen Gray does just that however, and sees how life with strictly internet-tv fares. Suffice to say, it's not there yet. But hey, it's better than where we were 1 year ago. Watching on the Web tends to take longer than watching a […]

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Who will buy TiVo?

PVRWire does a little article on who they think will be buying TiVo. Personally, I don't see it happening until TiVo can make a big deal with cable companies to use TiVo's instead of their knockoff boxes that they charge people $10/month for, without any hardware fees. Knowing that the internet is going to take over the living room the […]

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How-To: Upgrade your Series3 drive


EngadgetHD (formerly HDBeat) has a cool article about how to change out your TiVo Series 3 CableCARD enabled DVR with a larger hard drive. The Series 3 shockinly only comes with a 250GB drive, which as many of us know, HDTV will fill pretty quickly. As much as we love the TiVo Series3, for $800 we would like a bigger […]

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Blu-ray, HD DVD Encoder Sharpens Image

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Thomson just introduced a new H.264 encoder for high definition optical disc mastering. H.264 is widely regarded as the trickiest of the next generation codecs. So a new toolset that can help create good looking 1080p movies is A-OK with me!   TIGER AVC, co-developed by Thomson Corporate Research laboratories and Technicolor, is an optical disc compression tool that supports both […]

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