How-To: Upgrade your Series3 drive


EngadgetHD (formerly HDBeat) has a cool article about how to change out your TiVo Series 3 CableCARD enabled DVR with a larger hard drive. The Series 3 shockinly only comes with a 250GB drive, which as many of us know, HDTV will fill pretty quickly.

As much as we love the TiVo Series3, for $800 we would like a bigger hard drive than 250GB. Sure it's still almost 100GB more than most Cable Company DVRs, but we need more than 35 hours of HD goodness.

They put in a 500GB Western Digital SATA drive and…

mfstool resports success and lets us know that we have 581 SD hours now which is about 65 hours in the format that matters: HD.


You can get down to the nitty gritty of this mod by clicking on this link.