Samsung – BD-P1000 Blu-ray/DVD Player


THe team at Secrets take the first consumer available Blu-ray out for a spin with their benchmarking suite. THe player does very poor on SD material and performs decently with HD material. For a thousand dollars, this first gen Blu-ray player kind of stinks up the place. It does support all HD resolutions, as well as upconverting standard DVDs to the resolution of your choice. If you have a large SD DVD library leave this one alone.

From the article:

As a
standard DVD player, I can’t recommend the Samsung BD-P1000 at all. It
does a poor job with anything involving a high amount of detail, and
its video processing leaves a lot to be desired. This is really a
shame, as I had high hopes for the new Faroudja processing. As a
Blu-ray player, it seems to be doing a fair job, with a few caveats
that may be holding it back. Maybe Samsung will release some updates
like Toshiba has done with their first generation player that will
resolve some of these issues. For anyone planning on using this player
in their system, I recommend keeping their standard DVD player for
watching anything other than Blu-ray titles, as the performance here is
extremely lacking.