Home Automation gets its own laws

Alan's law 

1. Bodies at rest stay at rest with an overloaded PVR


Automated Home has a few other laws worth noting in the Home Automation world. I won't bore you with my layman explanation of the article. Instead, print it out and go enjoy a nice long read on your throne.

From the article: 

Home automation products and solutions have been on the market for more
than 15 years. Almost every single design and solution requires the
user to be comfortable to program a set of commands, or input his
personal settings into the system.
In most cases, in order to allow flexibility on the system, companies
elevate more functionality in the software level, which requires
further setup and personalisation.
This is where the average person gets confused and discards the idea of
a complicated system being installed in his house, for which he would
have no understanding of how to operate or control. In some cases home
automation companies while they attempt to customise their designs (and
have exclusive rights to any future updates or services) they
complicate their systems on purpose.
In my opinion, this is the main reason that home automation has not
been welcomed by the mass market and the average user.

Mr. Hammer meet Mr. Nail. He really did a great job explaining the state of affairs the Home Automation industry is in. If one can program a $200 remote to control a Home Theater, you would think a natural and very easy extension would be other home appliances.