First off, I would like to welcome everyone to missingremote.com. I hate to use the term beta, but we do have a few bugs to iron out, but I am very happy with the first go around considering our limited time and resources. John (Bubba) did an excellent job pulling the server and site together. We hope to get everything working in short order and the focus on adding new features to the site. A few of the items we are contemplating is a gallery, news discussion in the forum rather then a comment system, and a small redesign to the forums.

If you would like to get involved with the site in anyway, please let me know. You can go through the contact page at the top to get a hold of me or email me alan <do not spam me at> missingremote.com. Further down the road, we will be looking for qualified A/V enthusiasts to do reviews for the site. 🙂

Our first contest will be announced this weekend. I have yet to finalize the details, but you can be sure something will be up this weekend. Monkey Boy has boldly claimed the prize before the contest even starts. Are you going to let this guy win?


I think thats about it. Again, welcome to the site!! Tell your friends!! Smack Lothar for not signing up yet, and if he has smack him anyways.