Kaleidescape Movie & Music Server

I do recall the insanely expensive Kaleidescape servers of yore, however, a much less expensive unit from Kalediescape has made its way onto the market. Most Media Servers are Media Center clones with a fancy case (which I don't mind myself) but Kalediescape is built from the ground up using a custom OS. Control can be acomplished via an adnvanced controller such as Crestron or via a web based application.CDs and DVDs are ripped bit for bit making the multi-terabyte storage a neccesity in this $16,000 system. Next on lifestyles of the rich and famous..

From the article:

BOTTOM LINE Even with the new
pricing, a Kaleidescape system still runs $9,995 with a server and
Movie 2 player, while a music-and-movies system starts at $12,730.

But Kaleidescape is just a media server the way Patek Philippe is
just a watch, Kristal just a sparkling wine, or Bentley just a car. It
offers the highest level of refinement, sophistication, and elegance of
operation while remaining simple enough for a child to use. Personal
movie and music libraries can easily be worth $10,000 or more, so why
not get something that lets you enjoy yours to the max? For that,
there's simply nothing better today than a Kaleidescape Movie &
Music Server.