Denon AVR-2807 7.1 A/V Receiver

Where to start on the Denon 2807. You just don't know where to start when something has so many features. Starting out with CODEC support, the 2807 supports Pro Logic, Dolby Digital, THX Select2, and DTS (ES, Neo:6 96/24). As with most recievers these days, it has 2 zone support. On the connection side, it has support for 2:1 HDMI switching (no upconversion), 3:2 component switching, and XM Radio support. An important note in any review is the speaker setup, it can be found on page 3.

From the article: 

On the rear there are no surprises in the layout and plethora of inputs
possible. Beginning with the basics are standard speaker biding posts
for up nine speakers (A and B for the fronts). Analog inputs include
DVD, VDP, TV, DBS, 2 VCR, and Tape Deck. Analog outputs include 2 VCR,
Tape and Zone 2. Separated are audio inputs from a CD player or phono.
A full compliment of analog EXT IN are still required for SACD playback
from your DVD player. There are pre outs for all channels, typically
using the subwoofer only for powered units. Denon's preamps are always
excellent quality if you'd prefer using external power amplifiers.