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Have a tub of popcorn and a barrel of soda for me when you go to these upcoming flicks in the theater.

Week Of October 8th, 2006


Man Of The Year –  Many talk show hosts harbor lofty ambitions, but few would go to the extremes of
Tom Dobbs (Robin Williams) in the gentle satire MAN OF THE YEAR. After entering
the race for president as a joke, Dobbs is in for quite a surprise when he
proves to be more popular than he thought.

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker  – Alex Rider is a normal teenager who lives with his
uncle, a boring bank manager, or so it seems until his uncle, Ian Rider,
disappears under mysterious circumstances. Alex soon learns that his uncle was a
spy for Britain's secret intelligence service MI6.

The Grudge 2 –  In Tokyo, a young woman is exposed to the same mysterious curse that afflicted her sister. The supernatural force, which fills a person with rage before spreading to its next victim, brings together a group of previously unrelated people who attempt to unlock its secret to save their lives.

The Marine –  John Triton is a heroic Marine who returns home after being discharged–against his will–from the Iraq War. Stateside, he finds himself back in action, when his wife is kidnapped by a murderous gang led by a merciless criminal named Rome. With everything on the line, the Marine will stop at nothing to carry out his toughest and most important mission.

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Limited Release 


Running With Scissors – In
1971, the neatness-obsessed but sharply observant 6-year-old Augusten
finds himself trapped between his troubled parents: his mother Deirdre,
an unpublished–not to mention unstable–confessional poet with
delusions of being hugely famous; and his father Norman, an alcoholic
math professor who long ago gave up trying to solve the riddle of his
wife's problems or his son's precocious behavior.

So Much So Fast
– At 29, Stephen Heywood discovers he has the paralyzing neural
disorder ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Filmed over 5 years,
the documentary chronicles one family's ferocious response to an orphan
disease: the kind of disease drug companies ignore because there's not
enough profit in curing it. In reaction, and with no medical
background, Stephen's brother Jamie creates a guerilla-science research
group and in two years builds it from three people in a basement to a
multi-million dollar ALS mouse facility, the largest anywhere. Finding
a drug in time becomes Jamie's all-consuming obsession.

Us From Evil
– Moving from one parish to another in Northern California
during the 1970s, Father Oliver O'Grady quickly won each congregation's
trust and respect. Unbeknownst to them, O'Grady was a dangerously
active pedophile that Church hierarchy, aware of his predilection, had
harbored for over 30 years, allowing him to abuse countless children.

Tideland – Jeliza-Rose is a young girl in a very unusual situation–both of her parents are junkies and she is usually left to her own devices for entertainment. When her mother dies, her father, a rock 'n roll musician well past his prime, takes her to a remote farm in the country. She escapes the vast loneliness of her new home by retreating into a world that exists only in her mind.

Infamous – What starts out as the irreverent journey of the openly gay writer Truman Capote to the middle-class world of 1950's Kansas, where he goes–with his childhood friend Harper Lee–to research the murder of the Clutter family, turns to something altogether darker when Capote forms an intense and complex relationship with one of the murderers.

Driving Lessons – Shy and downtrodden Ben dreads yet another dreary school holiday coming around. Seventeen years of living in an absurdly conservative and traditional household with his highly-strung and overbearing mother and quiet, mild mannered vicar father have taken its toll on young Ben.

Sweet Land – When Lars Torvik's grandmother Inge dies in 2004, he is faced with a decision–sell the family farm on which she lived since 1920, or cling to the legacy of the land.