HAVA Wireless: a Slingbox alternative for Windows Media Center owners?

It looks like Slinbox has a competitor in the hardware placeshifting market. The HAVA Wireless hardware takes your TV signals and allows it to stream to any broadband connected PC. As you will see from the article quote below, HAVA appears to have a lot of improvements over the Slingbox including multiple viewers, built in wireless, MCE compatability and will accept HD. I would think this is something Sage or Beyond TV might want to get involved with.

From the article: 

The current hardware and software iterations on the HAVA Wireless box
certainly didn't have the refined polish that we've come to expect from
Slingbox products. But given the comparatively rich feature set and low
prices on the HAVA products, we suspect a lot of prospective
placeshifters would say, "So what?" While the built-in wireless and
multicasting capabilities were enticing, it's the Media Center
functionality that was particularly impressive. Essentially, the HAVA
lets Windows think that
it is the PC's built-in TV
tuner–whether it's two rooms or two continents away. That leaves you
with all of the great Media Center functionality–including DVR-style
controls (pause, play, rewind, fast forward) and recording
abilities–without the need to be tethered to your cable or satellite