Sim2 HT3000 1080p DLP Front Projector

The $15995 Sim2 HT3000 1080p DLP is no doubt aimed at the serious Home Theater enthusiast. The price lies not only in the resolution itself but the tools the projector gives you to adjust the PW to your liking. Notables on this projector is the 26 step user adjustable color temp, 12 gamme presets, two HDMI jacks, 7 segment color wheel and well you get the picture. There is a lot to love about this projector, just not the price tag.

From the article: 

The Format button offers up a wide range of
display (aspect ratio) modes:Normal and Anamorphic, for standard 4:3
and widescreen 16:9 DVDs and HDTV; Panoramic and Letterbox, for filling
a 16:9 screen with standard and letterboxed 4:3 pictures; Subtitle,
which raises the picture; and Pixel-to-Pixel, which maps pixels from
incoming signals to the display chip on a one-to-one basis. There are
also three User modes that store custom horizontal and vertical picture