Three Drivers for Home Automation’s Growth

I have talked about the Home Automation market and how it has not made it to the mainstream a few times since starting this site. My general opinion is that, until you make it as easy to run as a DVD player you can expect low penetration among the masses. Appliance magazine has a few of their thoughts posted up on the same subject. I am sure this article has much more detail and justification then my one line summary.

From the article:

In the endeavor to bring home automation to the thus-far unreceptive mainstream consumer, three new strategies have been devised. The first is a move by big-box retailers to add a new high touch environment within their massive stores: a store-within-a-store concept, in which knowledgeable staff can demonstrate home theater products and networks to customers. Customers who enjoy the advantages of networked entertainment are likely to see the benefits of automated control of lighting, climate and window coverings as well, ABI Research says.

After reading the article, I still think what I say holds true. The basics of consumer spending still apply here.