42-inch Philips Flat HDTV

Is the Ambilight system from Phillips more hype the function? Well you will have to read the review for that, however I can spill a few of the details before you diving into this multi-page review. This particular Ambilight model was not blessed with the holy 1080p light we all so desire, but instead a slightly more devilish 1366X768. It tested at a relatively week 682:1 contrast ratio. Along with the usual connections (although not enough in my opinion), the 42PF9831D/37 also has support for USB memory cards and can grab audio and pics off of them.

From the article: 

With a native resolution of 1,366 by 768 pixels, the Flat HDTV's LCD
screen slightly exceeds the requirements for a 720p HD broadcast and
can display programming in 1080i. The TV lacks PC-style video inputs
such as VGA or DVI, but PC input is possible via HDMI. But this unit is
not well suited for PC use, as it cannot accept a signal at its native
resolution, and feeding it a 1,280-by-720 (720p) signal from a PC
resulted in an overscanned image and a truncated grayscale—the darkest
and lightest grays do not resolve. That makes the video a little too
contrasty. There are software tools that can compensate for image
overscan, but the missing grays are unrecoverable. Restricted grayscale
representation also occurred when using component-video input. In terms
of video reproduction, the TV's inability to display "below black"
video signals made it practically impossible to calibrate black level
(brightness) properly for a given room's lighting condition.