Hey Mister! Want To Buy A Balun!

Whilst browsing over at Automated Home, I noticed a press release about a new product from Niles Audio. They announced a new range of Audio and Video baluns. They pretty have ever audio video standard covered including digital audio, component HD, and VGA. Lacking from the product line is HDMI, but I imagine there is bandwidth constraints for 1080p video. Talk about easy wiring, just wire 3 or 4 runs of Cat 5 to every room :).

From the article

"Make the Connection– New CAT-5 Baluns cables strengthen the connectivity link
in the home entertainment signal chain. The pioneering design decreases signal
attenuation and increases CAT-5 range – at a fraction of the cost of other
connectivity solutions. Installations are more profitable, and customers more
satisfied, thanks to lower distortion and decreased pixilation on HD