Don’t Touch That Dimmer, Just Wave

All that hard work using a manual dimmer switch can be demanding. For those of you interested in a more laid back, easy lifetsyle the Touchless Dimmer is for you! A simple wave of the hand, ala Copperfield, and you can turn the light on and off. Dimming the light requires a bit more work, you will have to old your hand in the same spot until you find your light level acceptable.

From the article: 

The beauty of these switches is that they can be concealed by virtually
anything—a piece of art, wallpaper, or the wall itself—anything less than about
3/4-inch thick. A variety of dimmers are available for single- and multi-pole
installations, and various types of lighting loads. Shortly, Anigmo will roll
out relay-based switches to trigger doorbells, shades, and other low-voltage