Elgato HDHomeRun HDHR3 Dual Tuner


When I initially saw the announcement from Elgato that they have released the HDHomeRun under their own brand name I was immediately curious as to what this was all about. After all, the SiliconDust HDHomeRun has been one of the most popular tuners for home theater PC (HTPC) users since 2006. What Elgato is offering is the 3rd revision to […]

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ASRock Core HT HTPC (Sandybridge) Review

We reviewed one of the first ASRock Core systems, the ION 330 which was based on the Ion platform and was not the fastest system in the world. It’s great to see ASRock stay behind the product and continue to improve it, this time up with Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform. The ASRock Core HT HTPC is a fantastic system which […]

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TweakMC updated for Windows 7

If you remember the days of TweakMC back in the Vista Media Center era you will remember it was a great utility for customizing Media Center. Enabling the DVD Library which was disabled by default. Fixing overscan issues, you name it, TweakMC did it. A member over at the Windows Experts Community (formerly The Green Button) has found the original […]

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Windows Media Center Guide Editor 2.0.1

Here’s an awesome tool I never knew existed, that allows you to edit the Guide data in your Windows 7MC system via the 2′, which is a lot easier than via remote if you have a ton of channels. If you want an easy way to edit your Windows Media Center guide data there is a new tool that could […]

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Blu-ray Releases – July 5, 2011

I will start this week’s Blu-ray picks by saying this–13 Assassins was THIS close to being my pick of the week, and is an absolutely wonderful film by the legendary Takashi Miike director. It’s a wonderful mix of the blood and violence with the legend of the Samurai–it’s a nice change from some of the gruesome bloodfests of Miike’s past. […]

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Fractal Designs Define R3


When selecting the perfect chassis to serve content to the audio/video stack a different set of attributes is required than what is typically demanded from a home theater PC (HTPC) enclosure.  The ideal server must be able to scale to support multiple hard drives, keep everything cool and not sound like a shop-vac in the process.  With eight 3.5” hard […]

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