TViX Slim S1 Review

The TViX line of media streamers from DViCO has never made a big splash in the U.S., but they have managed to cultivate a dedicated following in the European and Asian markets, particularly for their DVB-T tuner-equipped PVR models.  The company’s newest streamer-only model, the TViX Slim S1, has been put through its paces by our friends over at Anandtech.  The TViX line has often been […]

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Samsung First to Reach 4TB Hard Disk Drive

We’ve only recently seen 3TB drives hit the market after a relatively long wait. Now, Samsung is the first to show off a 4TB prototype using 1TB platters. The next generation Spinpoint drive will be marketed under the EcoGreen F6 series and rotate at 5200 RPM. Samsung apparently confirmed the drive will ship in 2011. Samsung Electronics has demonstrated the […]

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SiliconDust PRIME in testing, Working on Production

Just saw the following update from SiliconDust on Facebook, some great news! Hopefully this means we’ll see the PRIME sooner than later! Interpret at your own risk. HDHomeRun PRIME update: currently undergoing certification testing at CableLabs. The pilot production build is complete, and we’re working with our production facility on the main release production build.

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Warner to Offer Movies on Facebook

Is this a sign of studios trying to bypass Netflix and Amazon VOD services? I kinda doubt it, but it’s a smart play if your Warner anyways, offering yet another way to get direct money from consumers. It’ll be interesting to see Netflix’s response. Fans who “Like” The Dark Knight will be able to use their Facebook credits to rent […]

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CEA Tech Enthusiast Membership for Individuals

This is coming from our friends at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and we thought our readers would be interested.  I just finished signing up myself.  If you do sign up let us know in the comments and maybe we can plan for a Missing Remote meet-up at CES next year 🙂 For the first time ever, individuals can now join […]

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Blu-ray Releases – March 8, 2011

It’s a good week for documentaries, as Inside Job and Exit Through The Gift Shop were both Oscar nominees this year. Besides that nothing major released…another Excalibur film which I haven’t seen. MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week  The Walking Dead: Season One Even if there were some more blockbusters released this week there’s not much that would have beaten out […]

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Beginner’s Guide to HTPC Software


Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to HTPC Software. This will be an in-depth look at the software options available to you to build your HTPC. If you haven’t already, make sure you read our Beginner’s Guide to HTPCs for other topics. We’re going to cover only full home theater PC applications which can handle the following tasks: Music Videos Movies […]

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Giada Ultra MiniPC DN2301 HTPC


We’ve been covering a lot of extenders, but don’t forget that with technology as it is today you can build a full blown HTPC that looks or in some cases, is even smaller than some extenders. Here’s an offering from Giada, a division of Polywell, but at $675 it’s a tough pill to swallow without Blu-ray.   The DN2301 is […]

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Veho Mimi Wireless Gamepad Keyboard


So I get the idea here, combine all sorts of features and then you can do everything. But man, for about $150 this sure seems pretty expensive. I suppose if you really need everything all together it will work. It’s tough to see just how big this guy is from the picture though. The latest of these new breed of […]

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