Nixeus Fusion HD Review

Nixeus is a relatively new entry to the media player space–reminder, if you haven’t checked out our Media Player Comparison Guide but you’re in the market for one, you should read that first. Here’s their Fusion HD reviewed and seems to do a pretty good job, but at over $200 MSRP that’s more than a lot of competitors. Seems like […]

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Diamond Theme V3.00


While the SageTV V7 interface is better than V6, it still lacks some “WOW” and that’s where the Diamond theme fills in nicely.  I’ve been using the beta for a couple weeks and beside the obvious UI enhancements there are some really slick features (like custom movie walls – a feature I’ve wanted for forever). Finally the date has come […]

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Diamond All-In-Wonder HD Premium AIW5000 Review


If you thought that ATI had killed off the All-In-Wonder lineup oh, about 10 years ago, you’re not alone! For those with memory loss, the original All-In-Wonder was essentially one of the first combo Video and Tuner cards which not only included a remote with mouse movement trackpad but also an interactive guide for recording (think pre-Media Center folks). Well, […]

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Starz Working on New Netflix Deal

I have mixed feelings when I read a piece like that. Glass half empty says that prices will go up and Starz will try to corner Netflix into paying a lot. But here’s an interesting quote that I’m sure isn’t missed by the smart folks at Starz–subscriptions have actually gone UP. Go figure, when people see the GOOD programming that […]

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Xtreamer Pro Review


Here’s another great review by our friend Damian, this time he covers the Xtreamer Pro (and somewhat the Xtreamer). It seems like a mixed bag, while I keep focusing on the fact that his original Xtreamer actually died after a year? Gulp. Still, some good progress has been made and hopefully more to come. Seeing the main menu there is […]

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Understanding HDTV Aspect Ratio

This question is frequently asked, and it’s referring to the black bars you see on top and bottom of movies on your widescreen TV. Well here’s a good guide on just why they exist and how it actually is a good thing as it lets you see the whole picture. Not that big of a deal, right? Barely noticeable bars. […]

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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV

In this day and age of media players, I’m not sure this Seagate media player is worth a serious look at $159 without a hard drive, especially given how many comparable ones are at that (and lower) price range. But Seagate does an admirable job with the UI and design, so take a look. The GoFlex TV is shaped like […]

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Samsung PN58C6400 Plasma HDTV

Here’s a review of a Samsung display, and quoted within is our very own Aaron, Andrew & Mikinho! Great review as always, although I think the focus on power consumption is blown a bit out of proportion since it varies so much depending on your settings and what you’re watching. Well worth a read nonetheless. The Samsung PN58C6400 is a […]

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