Diamond All-In-Wonder HD Premium AIW5000 Review


If you thought that ATI had killed off the All-In-Wonder lineup oh, about 10 years ago, you’re not alone! For those with memory loss, the original All-In-Wonder was essentially one of the first combo Video and Tuner cards which not only included a remote with mouse movement trackpad but also an interactive guide for recording (think pre-Media Center folks). Well, apparently Diamond wants to bring the name back from the dead.

Now that Blu-Ray and 1080p are well entrenched into the entertainment industry, Diamond has released their latest update to the All-In-Wonder series. The HD Premium 5000 (aka AIW5000) bundles an ATI HD5570 graphics card with an ATI HD 750 tuner. This duo has the power to handle the most frequently used video signals for viewing, recording and other routine multimedia tasks. At Benchmark Reviews we are compelled to tweak, tune, stress and measure to see how well our new gadgets perform. The AIW5000 performed well; read on too see how we put it to work.

Benchmark Reviews

  • Oh what fond memories you’ve

    Oh what fond memories you’ve brought back for me, Mike. I remember when I had the first AIW and tuned NTSC cable on it.

  • A trip down memory lane! The
    A trip down memory lane! The AiW 9600 Pro was what started me on the HTPC road. Back when a decent plasma TV was in the tens of thousands of dollars and LCD monitors were a luxury and sucked for anything but Office.

  • I’m having bad flashbacks of

    I’m having bad flashbacks of the driver nightmares of my original AIW.  Like my old soundblaster sound card, it was a true love/hate relationship with ATI back then.

  • I’ll never use creative labs

    I’ll never use creative labs again. It seemed like I ended up with 5 new notification icons and a dozen pieces of software installed just to get my headphones to work. 

    I never had driver issues with my ATI AIW. It was my first tuner with windows Media Center 2004.