The Ghost of Softsled Past

Chris Lanier posts a blog about a new website dedicated to the awareness of Softsled and it's reasons. Personally, I don't see the point in such a site. Microsoft is aware of the demand and not sure what yet another group of forums is going to help with. One thing they do have right is that Webguide is as close […]

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Some Sad but Expected V1 Extender News

Over at theGreenButton, Jessica Zahn, from the Microsoft e-home team, finally was able to get an answer for those of you wondering about any upgrade plan Microsoft has in store for your V1 Extenders, and it's not a wonderful thing, sorry. I still give props to Jessica for having the courage to post this, as I know a lot of […]

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Vizio VP42HDTV Review


I was always skeptical of the Vizio brand since it's so new, but after good review after good review, as well as watching some HD NCAA games, I'm convinced they make some amazing sets for an unbelievable price. C|Net's got some gripes with it, but nothing that can't be overshadowed by its benefits. C|Net Adjusting the Vizio for optimum picture […]

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Orb Networks Trumps Apple On Day One With Free PC To TV Service For 17 Million Households

EMERYVILLE, Calif. – March 21, 2007 – Orb NetworksTM announced that starting today more than 17 million households with gaming consoles worldwide can now enjoy and share all of the digital entertainment on their home PCs directly on their living room TV screen, using the company's free MyCasting software as the bridge. The announcement comes as Apple begins shipping its […]

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Extending the Lamp Life of Your HDTV Microdisplay

Some of these are pretty common sense, but still good to know for others. Anything you can do to save a few days or months of your beloved HDTV is well worth it IMHO.  HDTV Magazine  Lamp life varies by manufacturer design based on the application of the product and varies anywhere from 2000 to 8000 hours. Lamp replacements run […]

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Apple TV: Worth It?

Right from the very start, we all knew that Apple TV would be a dud. And now that a few reviewers have gotten their hands on it, its pretty obvious that Apple really fell down flat on this one. They were much closer with the mac mini then this stinker. After Steve's tirade on DRM, its pretty obvious that his […]

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SageTV V6.1.6 Release Candidate

Get your latest version of SageTV here: SageTV V6.1.6 Release Notes 3/20/2007 RELEASE CANDIDATE 5 Core Updates 1. DVB frequency updates for Sweden 2. Fixed various bugs related to not using an always increasing clock. The most notable one being when SageTVClient would disconnect from the server whenever it did a significant clock change. 3. Added property optimize_metadata_mem_usage which defaults […]

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Seasonic M12 500W Modular Power Supply

Seasonic M12 Box and PSU

Seasonic M12 500W Modular Power Supply Today I am taking a look at the Seasonic M12 500W power supply. The Seasonic M12 is the first modular power supply to be offered by Seasonic. Quiet, cool, stable and modular it has the potential to be a killer solution for use in a Home Theater PC. Let's find out how well it […]

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Movie Gallery Plans Online Video Rentals

There are a lot of early players getting into the online movie rental market. Movie Gallery, owners of Hollywood Video, have announced the plan to enter the market before the end of 2007. This service is aimed to compliment their existing B&M stores. I personally like the choice of renting online or from the store. However, they really have not […]

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