The Ghost of Softsled Past

Chris Lanier posts a blog about a new website dedicated to the awareness of Softsled and it's reasons. Personally, I don't see the point in such a site. Microsoft is aware of the demand and not sure what yet another group of forums is going to help with. One thing they do have right is that Webguide is as close to Softsled as possible. I've suggested to Doug the potential his software has, so hopefully in the future we might see some cool things that can make the need for a response from Microsoft unnecessary.

Chris Lanier

1.Get the attention of the media center community and able developers.2.Motivate able developers to work towards the common goal of creating an open source media center extender.3.Make this open source media center available on multiple platforms (Windows and Unix) and possibly even live disks, flash drives and usb sticks.Keep the community informed of all available "softsled-like" solutions.And if all that doesn't work, maybe we can just create enough buzz so that Microsoft will finally release softsled.