Microsoft Provides More Details on Windows Media Center in Windows 8

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In a recent Building Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft announced the new product editions for Windows 8. For HTPC-enthusiasts, the announcement turned out to be a good news/bad news proposition. The good news was that Microsoft plans to streamline their offerings, reducing the number of product editions that they plan on offering for x86/x64 PCs to just Windows 8 and Windows […]

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Media Browser 2.5.3 (Apollo SP1) Released

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Media Browser has received a minor update, bringing the popular media management plugin for Windows Media Center to version 2.5.3. The update is focused on bug fixes rather than new features. For instance there is a fix for memory leaks in the Media Browser service and a couple of fixes to ensure that podcasts and TV episodes show up correctly […]

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Kinect for Windows coming February 1st

While not directly HTPC or Media Center related, Microsoft has announced that Kinect for Windows will be available starting February 1st. There is currently no mentioning of Media Center support or anything along those lines but it is a bit interesting to see Microsoft go this route. Only time will tell what this will really get us but having voice […]

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Be On Time with Media Center Calendars

Media Center Calendars has added a new Windows Media Center plugin to its catalog: Media Center Calendars. As the name implies, Media Center Calendars brings your calendar into WMC. The free plugin can import your Outlook 2010, Exchange, Windows Live, or Google calendars into WMC and you can even run an optional background app to provide appointment alerts. I’ve only used the […]

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Microsoft Prepping Windows 8 Embedded

In the last year or so, the only version of Windows that seems to have given Windows Media Center a whole lot of love is Windows 7 Embedded. Windows Media Center was a showcase feature in Windows 7 Embedded Standard and pitched at set-top box OEMs. Windows 7 Embedded Standard even included OEM-only tools for customizing WMC’s start menu and […]

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Latest Nvidia Beta Drivers Include WMC Fix

It doesn’t happen often, but I don’t currently have any Nvidia GPUs in my house and so I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the problem of WMC throwing a black screen during playback. If you have been experiencing black screen issues during playback on your Nvidia equipped HTPC, it might be a good idea to download Nvidia’s 285.79 drivers. […]

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