Media Browser Store Now Offering Discounts to Repeat Supporters

Media Store Supporter Discounts

In the run-up to the “Titan” release of Media Browser, the MB team launched the Media Browser Store where MB users could purchase premium plug-ins and themes. From the beginning, the Media Browser Store allowed developers to bundle together popular plug-ins for a discount. Now, the Media Browser Store has come up with another way to encourage users to buy even more plug-ins with a repeat-supporter discount. If you have previously donated to the project, simply put your supporter key into the appropriate box on the store page and you will receive a discount on your plug-in purchase. I think it might be time to buy Soultaker’s sweet new Neo theme to give my Media Browser an Xbox 360/Metro look.

Get just the features you want while helping further the development of media browser. 

Now with repeat-supporter discounts!

Paste your supporter key into the field on the main store page and receive special pricing on some premium features.

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