Ceton Echo Beta Begins


Anyone already in Ceton’s Echo Windows Media Center Extender beta program found out this morning that they will start shipping the units in the next few days. Taken on its own this is less news than continued taunt aimed at those unlucky enough to be left out, but we did find out something very interesting in the mailer – the […]

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Ceton Companion Available on NOOK Tablets


The Ceton Companion app hasn’t been out for that long, but it must have seemed like an eternity for NOOK users watching with envy while everyone else enjoyed managing their Windows Media Center lineups and discovering upcoming premiers from the convenient interface. Fortunately for them the wait is now over (along with some other things like iPhone 5 support) with […]

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Microsoft Drops Certification for TV Tuner and WMC Remote Control and Receiver Hardware

As if Microsoft hadn’t already made it clear enough that they don’t have any interest in developing Windows Media Center further, along comes word that Microsoft has discontinued one more avenue of WMC support. Microsoft has been updating the Windows Hardware Certification Kit ahead of the release of Windows 8 and in the latest Windows Logo Newsletter Microsoft has announced […]

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Adding Windows Media Center to the Windows 8 Release Preview

I’m sure by now that many of our regular visitors have already downloaded and installed the Windows 8 Release Preview that Microsoft dropped late last week, but if you haven’t been drawn in by the sweet siren song of pre-release software, then you might be surprised to discover that Windows Media Center is nowhere to be found in this final […]

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Microsoft Offers Yet More Details on Windows Media Center and DVD Playback in Windows 8

WMC Down the Drain

Microsoft’s recent Building Windows 8 blog post regarding the availability of Windows Media Center in Windows 8 raised almost as many questions as it answered, particularly regarding the unexpected connection between WMC and DVD playback. To help sort through some of the questions that their blog post raised, the Windows 8 team has followed up with a FAQ that attempts to […]

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