Ceton Updates Ceton Companion Services, Releases Ceton Companion for Windows Phone

Ceton Companion Windows Phone.png

Ceton released the Ceton Companion apps for iOS and Android just yesterday. Given the level of anticipation in the WMC enthusiast community for these apps, I would have thought the fine folks at Ceton had earned themselves some time off to celebrate, but evidently there is just a bit too much dedication flowing in the veins of their programmers for that. Ceton has already released some updates for their Ceton Companion Services PC software bringing it to version and our own Michael Whelter has taken to the comments to encourage users to keep checking as there are evidently more on the way. Ceton has also released the Windows Phone version of the Ceton Companion app. Ceton Companion is available from the Windows Phone Marketplace at the same $4.99 price point as the iOS and Android apps. We look forward to seeing what tomorrow might bring.


  • Recorded Movies show up in Gallery
  • Recorded Movies show more metadata
  • Remote on extenders is full remote, working at 95% (only buttons that don’t work are 30 second skip ahead/8 second skip back, but FF & rewind working)
  • UAC issues when launching configuration
  • Remote shares fix (user name/password fix)

Next build will have:

  • Local movie metadata fix
  • 30 Second skip/8Second back on Extenders remote

 Ceton Forum on TGB.tv

  • Lovin the app. Any chance we

    Lovin the app. Any chance we can get the guide synced to the phone. Trying to connect over 3g fails in a weak signal area. I would think if it was cached search would be faster also.