Ceton Companion Released to Amazon App Store, Kindle Fire

Ceton Companion on Kindle Fire.png

Ceton has announced that their Ceton Companion app for Windows Media Center is now available on the Amazon App Store, which is good news for Android-lovers who like to stray from the Google Play corral and for Kindle Fire owners, of which Amazon is hoping there will soon be many more. It costs the customary $4.99, and although the version on the Amazon App Store is lagging some of the other releases, an updated version is inbound. With this release, the Ceton team has rounded out their initial wave of launches. There is a Windows 8 app in the works, and I wish there was a Nook release lurking in the wings, but for now the team can turn their attention to the rapidly growing list of feature requests that the team is soliciting from the community on the Green Button.

The Ceton Companion has now been approved and is available on the Amazon App Store for $4.99

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