Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

This is going to be a very short review. Don’t buy the Amazon Fire TV Stick, at any price, period.

While it works, has access to a great set of content (Netflix, Amazon, iPlayer, etc.), and has a fantastic HDMI CEC implementation it is painfully slow. Too slow. Too onerous. I try to be thorough in everything I review, but I just couldn’t do it anymore. It is going back to Amazon. I am forced to assume that “The most powerful streaming media stick” is some kind of metaphor about life that I just don’t get…

  • rofl…thanks for the candor

    rofl…thanks for the candor

  • Andy, that’s because you’re

    Andy, that’s because you’re using the FireTV Stick with the OS it was intended to, there goes your first mistake! Throw Kodi on there and voila, the stick is an awesome streaming box. I NEVER use the stock Amazon OS or add-ins, except maybe occasionally for netflix, and agreed its slow. But KODI i find is VERY responsive

    • Fair point. I was only trying

      Fair point. I was only trying to use it as intended 🙂


      • babgvant wrote:

        Fair point.


        Fair point. I was only trying to use it as intended 🙂



        just silly!

  • +1 for the return…used it

    +1 for the return…used it long enough to test its CEC and returned.

  • LOL, I’m having a little

    LOL, I’m having a little trouble knowing where you are sitting with Amazon FireTV stick Just kidding.. So Sorry you had those problems! I have the regular version first generation and bought 3 (The ex took 1), but for my tastes, I brought mine on vacations and because it is so small, has an ethernet port, is more powerful and has the talking remote, the FireTV stick to me is not worth the savings in money. I completely agree with Mike’s assessment though. It was intended for a different version of Android and either way still runs great on Kodi! I do not l;ike how Amazon forces you to upgrade the OS and the layout is an Amazon Video shopping center. Not my favorite thing, but I do like the unit!! You should try the regular version. 🙂

    • I’ve been tempted by the full

      I’ve been tempted by the full version a few times, but when it came time to buy something in that class I ended up with a Roku 2. When the Fire TV Stick hit £20 on Prime day I figured that it would be hard to go wrong for that price. Obviously I was mistaken :).

      FWIW, I used to travel with a Roku, but now I mostly rely on my ChromeCast. If the internet is poor where we’re at, then we fall back on a Miracast or Slimport dongle.