Ceton’s Media Center Companion Apps for iOS and Android Now Available

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It has only been a few weeks since we received word that the Ceton Companion app for controlling Windows Media Center from mobile devices had hit Release Candidate stage, and now comes word that the Ceton Companion app is officially available. At this point, Ceton Companion is available as a universal app on iOS and for Android through Google Play for $4.99. Looking ahead, Ceton is planning on releasing a version for the Kindle Fire and Windows Phone. Ceton Companion allows for remote control of any WMC-equipped PC or media extender, including the company’s own upcoming Q and Echo devices. Windows 7 PCs are officially supported now, but the company plans to have full support for Windows 8 on October 26 when the new OS becomes generally available. The app not only provides a standard remote control button layout for basic interaction, but also allows you to manage and schedule DVR recordings, control live or recorded TV viewing on any associated device, and browse your TV and movie collection in one location, all combined with unified search across media types. To enable Ceton Companion to communicate with a PC, Ceton is also offering their Ceton Companion Services software as a free download. With TV streaming to devices on the roadmap for the Ceton Companion app and the Ceton Echo beta expected to begin this month, Ceton is certainly giving us a lot to look forward to as we dive into their new release.

The Ceton Companion is a family of mobile apps that bring the Ceton experience to Apple iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets.  The apps let you manage your Windows Media Center PC experience on these devices both inside and outside your home.

Ceton Companion website

  • Make sure to check Ceton

    Make sure to check Ceton Companion Config -> About for updates this week. We posted a few already (silly typos) and have 1 more coming later today.

  • I can’t wait to get home and

    I can’t wait to get home and set this up. 

  • love the new setup UI, so

    love the new setup UI, so easy to navigate!! easily worth the $5

  • Any chance of this thing

    Any chance of this thing working with HDHR Prime?





    • The Ceton Companion Apps and

      The Ceton Companion Apps and Services work with Windows Media Center regardless of the tuner( s ) utilized.

  • I finally got this thing

    I finally got this thing working the other day.  When you set up the internal and external IP addresses and ports make sure the port number is something other than “0”.  My external port was set at “0” for some reason so my smart phone wouldn’t connect to my PC.  Once I set the external port the same as the internal port it connected right away.  I had to enter a new PC with the updated IP addresses and ports manually on my phone, but once it connected for the first time I never had to select which PC to connect to.  It just does it automatically.

    FYI – I have a Droid RAZR and the first day I tried the app it ran my battery down in less than half a day.  I’m not necessarily blaming it on the Companion app, but just be aware that it might drain your battery if you use it too often.  It’s possible that the battery drain was the result of something else, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

    • @Captain_video
      Yeah so 0 will


      Yeah so 0 will default to using the local Port for the external, in yesterday sevices update we tried to make this a bit clearer.

      As for battery you can go into the Battery section under settings to see what is using your battery. We do not query any informaton unless the app is open and you are navigating. We also do not have any background services that would pull anything if the app wasn’t open so I would be interested in your findings. I have been using it on my galaxy nexus since we began development with no battery issues, but let me know 🙂

      Glad you are enjoying it.

  • I can’t seem to get the skip

    I can’t seem to get the skip to work on any of my xbox extenders.. like 30 seconds forward or 10 seconds back…. otherwise it is a fantastic app.. even my wife grabs it and uses it to search for shows.. I bought it on the ipad and android.. have to support great developers..