Windows 8 May Not License Dolby; Dolby Shares Tumbling


Dolby revealed today to investors that iterations of Windows 8 currently do not utilize Dolby technologies and they are preparing to support OEMs if licensing is not included in the commercial release of Windows 8. Currently, Dolby shares (DLB) are crashing down on the news. So what does this mean for home theater PC enthusiasts? If Dolby is not licensed, […]

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Xbox 360 Media Remote Revealed; the Green Button is Dead!

Xbox 360 Media Remote

You probably know by now that Windows Media Center extenders have been on life support with only Microsoft supplying the Xbox 360 as the sole extender product available in the retail market. The de-emphasis of the extender continues with the latest Xbox 360 Media Remote revealed by Major Nelson. Sadly for Media Center extender users, there is no more Green […]

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Image received an update over the weekend, bringing one of the more ambitious Windows Media Center plugins in recent memory up to version 2.6. The new features enhance the Movie and TV Show Views that were added with the 2.5 release and focus on improving and expanding the search funtionality built into The most obvious change is the new optional […]

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Video Demo of Kinect for Windows Media Center Beta

Kinect for WMC Beta

I recently attended a conference where one of the more exciting sessions I sat in on was a demonstration of the Kinect for Windows SDK. The applications being discussed in this demo were in no way Windows Media Center related, but it did occur to me at one point that would be a neat use for Kinect. Evidently I was not the […]

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First Look: Remote Potato HD for the iPad


Today, the folks over at Remote Potato have released their latest application: Remote Potato HD for the iPad. Last night, I was given the chance to do an early review of the latest product. For over a year now, I have been using Remote Potato to do remote scheduling and managing of my series recordings. Prior to the release of Remote […]

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TweakMC updated for Windows 7

If you remember the days of TweakMC back in the Vista Media Center era you will remember it was a great utility for customizing Media Center. Enabling the DVD Library which was disabled by default. Fixing overscan issues, you name it, TweakMC did it. A member over at the Windows Experts Community (formerly The Green Button) has found the original […]

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