Audio Relay is a New Way to Share Audio in Multiple Rooms


Looking for a way to have one library of Music and Playlist but listen to that in many rooms at the same time?

Audio Relay from Arctic has a system for that. With a combination of Android App and this box will give you access to your music and play list and you can list to them in different rooms at the same time. You use your smartphone to browser and your ears to listen, and your kids in a different room can be listening to something completly different on the same system from the same library. It supports a wide range of mainstream audio formats and should allow you to use it without converting any of your songs.

Check out the Press Release below…

Audio Relay comes with a dedicated remote application – Remote AR. You can easily choose your favorite song from your PC or UPnP / DLNA server and select where it should be played. Most importantly, you and your family members can access the same library at the same time.

Audio Relay – Arctic (PDF) Press Release

  • Looks great.  Then I saw it

    Looks great.  Then I saw it is $200.  Ouch. 

    You can get a Squeezebox radio, which also has a (fairly decent) speaker for a little over $100.I’m sure it is tough to be a small company in this kind of industry.


  • Yea, the problem all these

    Yea, the problem all these audio solutions have is cost. Just way out of line with reality for most consumers.

    Interesting. Hadn’t heard of Airfoil. Will need to read more about that.

    You can put together a cheap Squeezebox client with a speaker out jack for less than $50:
    -Marvell-based Pogoplug/Seagate Dockstar
    -4GB Flash Drive
    -USB Sound Card
    -Arch Linux for ARM

    I’m experimenting with two of these connected to my upstairs and downstairs receivers and I’ve been very pleased with the results. Even synchronization seems to work well.