Intel and LG Team Up for WiDi-Equipped TVs

LG with WiDi

Intel has been flogging their take on wireless HDMI, known as WiDi or Intel Wireless Display for about a year now, but they have had trouble convincing consumer electronics manufacturers to get on board. That might be changing. LG has entered into a strategic alliance with Intel that will see WiDi being made available on LG’s 2012 Cinema 3D Smart TVs. This would allow a person with a WiDi-equipped computer or media device to connect to a new LG TV wirelessly. The idea that LG might also be getting WiDi 2.0 allowing for protected content streams is potentially even more exciting.

LG and Intel last week entered into a strategic alliance to adopt and jointly promote Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) technology. Intel WiDi will be embedded into next year’s LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs, making them the first in the TV industry to feature Intel WiDi technology. 

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