VOD: A (Mostly) Comprehensive Comparison

The good folks over at MaximumTech, MaximumPC’s new sister site, have put together a solid overview of most of the current mainstream online movie and TV streaming and rental services.  There is not a lot of new info here, but it is a handy guide for making side-by-side comparisons of the major services if you have been thinking of casting a wider net for your video consumption. Of course, if they had waited a couple more days before posting, they probably would have included YouTube.

You might need to utilize more than one VOD service, in addition to frequenting the websites of the major broadcast television networks, to obtain all the content available on subscription cable and satellite TV services. But we think you’ll soon find yourself scaling back—or even cancelling—those pricey subscriptions because you’ll save boatloads of cash paying only for the content you’re actually interested in watching.