Disney boss says DVD ‘is not dead’ – yet

This was too funny not to post. I’m not sure if my busy schedule has a single thing to do with my ability to purchase movies…Netflix seems to be doing ok right?

When asked by Rose if home video or disc consumption was dead, Iger said the market was not finished, but rather ‘just not as healthy as it was’. He said disc sales industry-wide were down about 15 per cent year-over-year.

‘People are still buying [discs]. … They’re just not buying as many of them,’ Iger said. ‘And the primary reason, I would argue, is that they have other things to do’.


  • What he is saying is that

    What he is saying is that disc sales are down and all the other means of consuming disc content like PPV, VOD, etc are not making up for the lost sales so as a whole, home video consumption is down. If people aren’t watching as much home video, other activities are taking up the slack (gaming, internet use, you name it). Whether the root cause is economic or simply lack of enthusiasm for home video compared to other activities seems difficult to determine. It’s probably a bit of both.

  • see, i agree with your first

    see, i agree with your first part there, maybe the additional methods of viewing are not equating to DVD sales…but no way i think anything today means there’s LESS movie watching going on. After all, we see movie after movie break box office records and what not, so people are watching. Just might not be watching the methods that hollywood is so used to tracking.

  • But the article specifically

    But the article specifically talks about home video consumption and the box office receipts are not part of that market.