NASA TV for Media Center

NASA TV for Media Center

UPDATE NASA TV has been updated here.

A few weeks ago space shuttle Discovery embarked on its final flight.  In honor of the event Pete Brown from Extreme Windows Blog and The Green Button posted, or as it were reposted, how to watch the NASA TV stream within Windows Media Center.


As you can see from Pete’s post, the ability to add NASA TV to Media Center via the ASX stream was initially shared with the community by buellpilot back in 2006!  This add-in, NASA TV for Media Center, is a natural evolution to that same basic idea.  

NASA TV for Media Center creates a new entry under extras libary entitled NASA TV that lets you quickly watch the live feed.  Simply launch and enjoy.

NASA TV for Media Center Screenshot


  • Mike,
    Thanks for making



    Thanks for making this and the Starz one as well.   Just one comment.  There are 4 streaming NASA Channels; Public, Education, Media, and Space Station Views.   I added them all to my Video Libray, using the “old” procedure.   Do you want to make a tile for each channel?


    Jon Lyns

  • Send me a PM w/ the feeds and

    Send me a PM w/ the feeds and I’ll gladly add them too.