HD Home Sports Bar Controlling Multiple Extenders

Now this is friggin cool. Sean sent me the heads up to this wonderful little program called the HD Home Sports Bar he’s been working on that allows you to control multiple TVs/Extenders from a single interface. Why you may ask? For the same reason I’ve always wanted PiP in Media Center–SPORTS!! But he says he also uses it for watching news while his family watches some show (but I don’t believe it, SPORTS all the way!). Check out the video for a demonstration!

  • Really nice setup.  

    Really nice setup.  

  • You have done a fantastic job

    You have done a fantastic job here my friend… I have been thinking of a way to do a similar setup. Good Job…

  • Great setup! I see you’ve put

    Great setup! I see you’ve put a lot of time into it! It looks like it’s definately paid off!

  • Great Job!
    Very Cool!

    Great Job!

    Very Cool!

  • Thanks all for the very kind

    Thanks all for the very kind words. 

    It has been a lot of fun, tinkering with HTPCs since 2004 – really happy with the setup right now and really hope that more devices in our lives will have some sort of TCP / IP control. 

    This project would not have been possible without the work of the vmcController project and Girder’s webserver implementation – well, it would have been more difficult than needed anyway.

    Also always looking to make things Wife-Acceptable; I know it is an old cliche, but they really do seem to have a knack for simplicity and not accepting things that don’t work easily in the home.

    My parents dropped in today and I printed out a little placecard for the the coffee table that simply had a QR code and a welcome message to our living room. 

    If you’re a guest in our house, controlling our HTPC should be easy. 

    So my dad scanned the QR code, loaded the Windows Media Center Controller on his Droid X, and he was changing channels, setting up the NFL games he wanted to watch on all the TVs, etc. 

    It was awesome to watch! 

  • Is there a link for

    Is there a link for downloading the software?  The website is no longer available.