WHDI Kits Explored: Asus WiCast, brite-View HDelight

You might have heard by now of the Wireless HDMI technology that Intel has started building within some of their laptops, and here are two options for other laptops or systems that you would want connected to your HTPC. The specs mention HDMI 1.3 satisfaction, but from what I can tell the review did not test the transmission of the HD audio codecs. That being said, the process is fairly impressive. I think for our audience it provides a viable alternative if you wanted to have your HTPC in a different room but transmitted to your theater. That being said, at just under $200, it’s quite an investment compared to just buying a 20-30′ HDMI cable.


Home Theater PC buffs rejoice, wireless HDMI technologies have finally come of age.  Though there are two camps firmly entrenched in the market (Intel’s WiDi and WHDI), the bottom line is lag-free full HD 1080p HDMI wireless video/audio transmission is now a reality.  No longer does that HTPC need to be shoehorned into the confines of your entertainment center.  And that desktop replacement notebook you have perched on the coffee table just got a major display upgrade, seamlessly connected to your HDTV; look Ma, no wires.  Stay with us as we take you through a tour of two WHDI standard-based wireless HDMI transmitter kits–the Asus WiCast and the briteView HDelight.  Big screen gaming nirvana and multitude of media center goodness takes center stage at HotHardware.