The New Blu-ray Players Have Arrived

Noticed some new Blu-ray players on your retail store’s shelves? ZNF covers some of the new models and what the hype is. I got a kick out of the one with an internal 250gb hard drive….I’m curious what percentage of you are waiting for the 3D-ready models?


The two Sony Blu-ray players are significantly thinner than prior models. At least 1/3rd thinner, maybe 1/2. And surprising slow. Unfortunately, these two lower end models look somewhat pedestrian in a cheaply finished plastic. However, they can be overlooked as the “wireless ready” (buy their USB adapter) units include Slacker, amongst the other Bravia Internet services, and an iPhone remote control app is available. The slightly higher-end unit is also the first Blu-ray player advertising 3D capabilities on the box, expected via a firmware update this summer.