Sharp Aquos Quattron TV Brings in Yellow Fourth Pixel

I’m not in the market for a new LCD but if one of mine happen to break…well I’m not ready to commit to 3D and the OLEDs are out of my price range so the Quattron looks like great LCD.

For more information, in addition to the article, see Sharp’s "Sneak Peak". 


I was 31 floors up in Centre Point on Tuesday to witness Sharp’s new line of televisions which, for the first time in tele history, is rocking a fourth, yellow, sub pixel joining its red, green, and blue buddies.

Sharp is waiting before joining the possible ‘fad’ of 3D and is instead looking to make large screen TV’s more economical (40% less power used compared with other LCD’s), brighter, ’sharp’er and with a larger pallet.