Vizio VF551XVT Review

Here’s a review of a 55" LCD from Vizio. A solid albeit not spectacular piece of equipment. Surprising a unit in this price range does not have internet connectivity, but still looks like a good buy from a reliable brand.

Digital Trends

The 55-inch VF551XVT is a 1080p set featuring full-array LED backlighting – called TruLED – compared to the CCFL system used in most other LCD televisions. This allows for “local dimming” so select portions of the screen are adjusted to match the source material. Vizio uses 960 LEDs broken into 80 blocks or sections. For the record, newer LED TVs such as the breakthrough Toshiba CELL TV (due later this year) have 512 zones. When looking at any LED HDTV, seek more lights and as many zones as possible.