Epson MovieMate 60 Projector

We don’t see a lot of projector reviews…so while this is not directly geared at HTPC usage, it’s still a sign that there are some good products out there…and at only $700, it’s fairly affordable as well.


The Epson MovieMate 60 projector is meant to be a portable all-in-one style product, it even includes a carrying case and a built-in handle. The MovieMate 60 is well made and it works great, it has a DVD player built-in, a USB port, VGA, HDMI and component along with regular A/V connections. It reads several video, audio and photo formats so you can just toss things right onto a USB drive and play directly from it. I played movies from USB and DVD with no problems at all, I even hooked up my Xbox360 to it and got to play games on a truly big screen. The idea behind this product is that it’s portable and meant to be played on virtually any surface like the outside of your house in the summer or even just on a white sheet so you don’t necessarily need an expensive projector screen to use with it.