Enermax AURORA Micro Wireless Keyboard Reviewed

Lots of options for controlling your HTPC these days, and here’s another device that goes the route of trackball instead of touchpad. Really a matter of preference, but this is a pretty small package for a full sized keyboard.

Dragon Steel Mods

Today for review I’ve got the Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard from Enermax. Not only is this keyboard stylish and very well made, but it includes a laser trackball so for an HTPC you won’t have need for a mouse really. The Aurora also has has several hot keys for launching Media Center, Music, Videos, Pictures and others, along with basic multi-media functions. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now as the only keyboard on my HTPC setup and I’ve come to truly like it lot. It’s a small sized keyboard, about the size of that on a laptop, and the keys are similar, but they are comfortable to type on. Read on to learn more."