CiragoTV Platinum CMC2000 500GB Network Multimedia Player

Another network player review, from CiragoTV (ever heard of them?), looks like they are using the similar chipset as ASUS and Patriot, but of course with their own twist on the UI. Not too bad, but at $190, not sure it knocks them off.

Test Freaks

Today for review I’ve got another multi-media player from Cirago. The product is called the CiragoTV Platinum CMC2000 Network Multimedia Player and it does come with a hard drive, a choice of 500gb or 1TB in capacity, I got the 500gb version for review. I’ve looked at two other Cirago media players here on TestFreaks but this one is actually a NAS box as well which can be connected wired or wireless. The box itself uses a 3.5” hard drive inside and has connections for pretty much everything including component, composite and HDMI along with optical and coax as well. The CMC2000 even includes a card reader and two USB ports so you can view pictures or play your files from them quickly and easily.