Amazing 155-inch OLED from Mitsubishi


Have you guys seen this, 155 inches of OLED glory?!? I doubt this would ever actually see a price tag but it’s a fantastic proof of concept as to the potential of OLED, after we’ve only seen smaller sized ones until now. Start saving those pennies!


Flatpanels HD

The imposing OLED screen does have some issues, however, and Mitsubishi says that the resolution is still quite limited – without mentioning what it actually is. Durability on the small OLED panels is also shorter than on the LCD and plasma technology. Mitsubishi mentions a lifetime of around 20,000 hours. It is the first time that the OLED technology has surpassed 40-inches. Today manufacturers have trouble creating 32-inch OLED-TV for the consumer market. The 155-inch screen can be delivered now but is primarily aimed for outdoor use.