S1Digital Releases 100 Disc Blu-ray Changer


Now here’s something cool. The old Sony DVD changers never really took off (well, maybe when their prices dropped to under $100), but it’s good to see a Blu-ray solution. The hard drive cost to store a Blu-ray movie is significantly more than a DVD, so being able to store 100 in this changer could save up to 4-5 terabytes! Just be prepared, does come with a $1500 price tag and is not the most attractive device in the world, but very cool nonetheless!



When connected to an S1Digital Media Center or any third party Microsoft Windows 7 or Vista PC that includes media center, customers are able to load up to 100 Blu-ray and/or DVD movies into the S1Digital Bly-ray Disc Changer. Using the included playback software, each disc will be scanned and metadata and cover-art automatically downloaded to the server. Once catalogued, users can view more information about the movie, or watch the movie by selecting the appropriate cover-art, which is all available on the familiar and easy-to-use media center interface. The changer is simple to use and enables almost instant access to movies without having to physically find and load each movie. (This feature is coming soon).