Toshiba’s Cell-Powered REGZA 55X1 LCD TV Can Record and Display 8 Channels At Once


I think this definitely classifies as drool-worthy. No word yet on when it hits the states, but you can almost count on it not having as many features as this one announced in Japan.



Toshiba’s first TV with the PS3 Cell processor it helped develop has seriously kick-ass specs. For starters: The 55-incher’s LED backlighting divides the 240Hz display into 512 individually controlled areas, and has a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. The Cell processor also provides self-congruency for improved image quality at the edge of the picture, enhanced color and brightness balance, and a super-high luminance of 1250cd/m². A 7-speaker sound bar is attached underneath the display, and network functionality includes DLNA support, and an HD Web browser based on Opera.