3DTV Shipments to Hit 46M by 2013

This is another one of those things that will probably happen, but I’m not all that excited. But I am not opposed to improving the overall features of our displays, especially if the cost is minimal–similar to how Blu-ray players now all seem to include online video technology integrated.


According to research firm Gigaom 3DTV shipments are set to boom over the coming years with shipments expected to hit 46 million by 2013. Sony and Panasonic are looking to 3D TVs as a way to rejuvenate TV business. The prediction is that 3D will become a feature with only a slight cost premium in the coming years like 120Hz refresh rates today. For the 3D in the home to become a reality though, broadcasters have to start broadcasting shows in 3D formats. The firm also predicts that lower cost active glasses will be needed as well to bring 3D into the home in a big way.