Panasonic’s 50-inch 1080p 3D plasma spotted, watched at CEATEC


Continuing on the 3D television buzz surrounding our market, Panasonic is out the gates rather fast with a demo of their 50" set, which is quite thin to go along with it’s wide size. I am not a 3D believer as many of you know, but I think the only way it survives is if it’s just a part of an already fantastic TV set, just like an added Video streaming service integrated.



The 1080p panel was strikingly thin (or well mounted to give that impression), and the viewing angles were fantastic. The glasses that Panny provided, however, were relatively annoying (no surprise there). It should be noted that the actual spectacles sit pretty far off of your face, which simultaneously enables those with actual glasses to partake in the 3D experience while frustrating those without by giving them a cute blue rim that refuses to leave the periphery. As for image quality, the G-Force demo looked downright stunning, with depth being easily perceived and fast moving action whisking about seamlessly.