Media Browser Release Set for Oct 22

This release is definitely expected to come with some tentativeness from Media Browser fans, ever since the developer mentioned they would be converting to a for-pay model. While it’s still unclear the details, people will expect a far more refined product if they’re forking over cash…but I’ll withhold my judgement until it’s released and we see how much they’re charging for it. It’s just a tough business with already so many other good Movie Library applications.

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Although it is still unclear exactly how the subscription process will work (how much will it be, will it be a one time fee or recurring, etc..), hopefully we should get an answer in the coming weeks. The next release of Media Browser has been scheduled for October 22, which should include some new features and bug fixes. One of the new features will be support for a music plugin I had written about a few months ago here. I had a chance to test out the music plugin this weekend and overall it worked as expected, very similar to navigating through videos in Media Browser.